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27 stories for: Mental Health
Jean Patterson* Reprinted from the Supporting Parents issue of Visions Journal, 2021, 17 (1), pp. 24-25
Where is the instruction manual? Melissa Medjuck, MSW, RSW Reprinted from the Supporting Parents issue of Visions Journal, 2021, 17 (1), pp. 14-16
Arjun felt isolated and bullied, in part due to the stigma of mental health problems in his South Asian community. Through his passion and success in bhangra, he discovered that music and dance are… read more
When Seren had to share a culture as part of her class’ International Day, she picked Ukraine because she was too embarrassed of her own Indigenous culture. Even though she wanted a relationship with… read more
Initially, it was hard for Ryan and his family to find supports and services after Ryan came out as trans and wanted to transition. Having the right pieces in place made all the difference—supportive… read more
Anden transitioned from male to female after moving to a new town to access resources and put some distance between him and the people he saw every day. Working in industries like logging and mining—… read more
Jason has had a difficult life including sexual abuse and repeated incarceration. Drug addiction has been a constant influence, and depression has simultaneously overwhelmed him with negative… read more
Samantha’s story starts with her own eating disorder, depression, anxiety and PTSD and eventually problems with alcohol and painkillers, too. Samantha then describes the transition to becoming a… read more
Like many, Leslie did not accept her diagnosis easily. But manic spending, rage against loved ones, homelessness and hospitalization finally swayed Leslie that medication was a needed support. Major… read more
Jillian’s story of depression, anxiety, PTSD and substance use is a story of pain—and self-discovery. She recognizes her early warning signs and that ignoring or minimizing them means slipping down a… read more

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