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My journey to a life of self-love and positive body image Ruby Roxx Visions Journal, 2016, 12 (1), p. 29 Even before I was a teenager, I hated my body. As young as 11 or 12, I stopped paying… read more
Anorexia, cultural pressure and chasing the ideal body across two continents Laura Chapman Visions Journal, 2016, 12 (1), p. 26 Following my Grade 12 year, I travelled to Italy as an exchange… read more
One man’s real-life struggle and recovery Tyson Busby Visions Journal, 2016, 12 (1), p. 23 I struggled with an eating disorder from the time I was 18 until my mid-twenties. My struggles grew… read more
A bipolar take on body image and shame Meegan Simpson-Cooke, BSW Visions Journal, 2016, 12 (1), p. 21 As a child, a family friend once compared my size favourably to that of her daughter: How… read more
My transgender body Mary Ann S. Saunders Visions Journal, 2016, 12 (1), p. 18 Note from the author: Trans people’s lives are incredibly diverse, and our ways of understanding our experiences… read more
A fat, gay man's story of embodiment Frank Colosimo Visions Journal, 2016, 12 (1), p. 5 I have struggled with my body my entire life—mostly because I’ve been unhappy with it. I am finally at a… read more
Michele L. Gardiner, MAC, CCC, IAEDP Visions Journal, 2016, 12 (1), p. 12 This narrative is about body image and is based on my personal and professional experience. Sharing these details of my… read more
A mindfulness journey Alexandra Hillman Visions Journal, 2016, 12 (2), p. 27 When I was 33 years old, I lost my job. I didn’t see it coming and I was devastated. I struggled with feelings of… read more
How mindfulness practice saved me from myself Yeshe,* RN (retired) Visions Journal, 2016, 12 (2), p. 24 I was raised to be a “nice girl” and had a naturally open, compassionate heart. Both of… read more
A clinician’s journey learning mindfulness Susan,* MA, RPsych Visions Journal, 2016, 12 (2), p. 21 When we are anxious, it can feel as if we have a hamster running on a wheel in our brain. Our… read more

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